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Tech is constantly evolving and we need to keep up to ensure security!

Keep Your Site Secure and Upgrade to PHP 8

Not to alarm you but… one of the underlying components that runs your website might be at risk of being insecure.  The main reason to upgrade PHP is to ensure that your WordPress, Magento, or other application is running on a fully supported version that receives regular updates. The new version contains several security patches to ensure that applications using PHP remain secure. Also, unsupported PHP versions do not have fixes for security holes, so before hosting a PHP web application, first check to see if your hosting provider has an updated PHP version. So if you continue to use older versions of PHP, you are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

PHP 8 introduces many new powerful features and optimizations to write better code and build more robust applications. This is a major update to the PHP language. Currently, PHP 8.2 is the new kid on the block.

Upgrade your website to the latest and greatest PHP 8 and stay secure and improve performance. Reach out if you’d like for us to look under your website’s hood! 👨‍🔧


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